Today I weighed in at 172 lbs.  4 pounds lost since Wednesday!


Today I gave myself the day off for working out, but I’m keeping myself motivated to stay healthy.  Watching the Biggest Loser on TV really helps me to realize the power that I have over my body and that I truly shape it.  I believe that I can make myself better even more than just physically.  I can really do this.


I have been keeping up with eating healthy very well, but I want to post on here whenever I exercise to make sure that I keep up with it.  Today I exercised for over two hours which seems like quite a lot, but it was definitely worth my time.  I use a 5k trainer app on my phone in order to keep me motivated to run/walk for 25 minutes, use a kettle bell, do butt exercises, and do some abs.  I feel sore after finishing which is always a good sign.  Yay for a good workout!   


As of January 2nd, 2013, I weighed 176 lbs at about 5’ 4”.  My goal is to lose at least 25 lbs by the time I am off for spring break at the end of March.


I made this blog in order to keep a promise to myself.  This year I want to reshape who I am.  I want to work harder in college, be a nicer, more understanding, and less judgmental person, be less stressed, exercise and eat better, and improve my health whether physical, mental, or emotional.  This is my promise to myself and I hope I earn some support along the way.


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Crunches are one of the best moves to target your abs.



You probably know crunches are old-school, but you may not know why they’re not very effective. What’s wrong with them you ask? Most people initiate crunches with their hip flexors without engaging much of their core….

Doing these tomorrow for sure.

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Seriously. What’s stopping you?

Trying to really live by this.

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